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DOCS is providing cyber security consultancy. Constant changes to cyber laws & regulations, together with the changes that occur within international businesses as they develop and expand, mean that keeping up to date and compliant with legislations and its correct implementation is a considerable task.

Our Risk Management services include:

*Identification, analysis and development of risk management controls;
*Develop a risk profile of your organization;
*Advice and implementation of embedded risk management systems
*Internal controls design and implementation.

Without diluting our findings, we have worked closely with and alongside management to positively develop the organization in line with the objectives set out in its corporate/business plan. As part of the process, we have recommended practical control improvement solutions covering IT Systems and other policies and procedures.

We are a cyber security company that utilizes our deep knowledge of IT security to create relevant products and services. Leveraging that knowledge, we make the worlds’ most critical platforms more secure in a multitude of ways: conducting thorough assessments, identifying critical issues, developing unique products and equipping organizations with the precise knowledge to ensure the highest level of security.   

DOCS services include:
*PCI DSS Compliance

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